Powerful Twin-Shaft Shredders for Every Application

Skinner AgSolutions offers all models of the XRipper Shredder from Vogelsang. These twin-shaft shredders utilize monolithic ripper rotors and reliably reduce entangled materials in digesters and liquid manure handling, thereby protecting downstream equipment from clogging and malfunctions.


XRipper XRS Shredder

The XRipper XRS Shredder is the economical solution for efficiently treating and reducing coarse and high-volume foreign matter in liquid manure. At the same time, the twin-shaft cutters of the XRS Series are easy to maintain. All necessary service and maintenance work on the XRipper XRS can be performed quickly and easily on-site, without having to dismantle the cutter.

XRipper XRP Shredder

The XRipper XRP Shredder offers a compact design and keeps the floor space used to a minimum. This means it can be easily installed in even the tightest of shafts. Coarse and high-volume disruptive matter contained in the substrate is reliably reduced to an unproblematic size, thereby preventing clogging, blockages and damage to downstream pumps and valves. The design concept ensures excellent accessibility when maintenance work is required.

XRipper XRC-SIK Shredder

To simplify installation and maintenance, the XRipper XRC-SIK Shredder is mounted on a Sewer Integration Kit (SIK) before leaving the factory. This system of rails is used to position the XRipper directly in the manure substrate or in front of an inlet or outlet. When maintenance is required, simply pull the shredder out via the rail system, using a crane. The SIK is also designed to allow simple installation against slanted or round walls.

XRipper XRG Shredder

High flow rates can only be mastered with appropriately large, yet efficient shredders. The XRipper XRG was developed specifically for these applications. The sieve drums of the High Capacity Units arranged laterally in the housing permit large quantities of manure substrate to pass by unhindered, while catching and holding back the disruptive matter and foreign materials. This is continuously fed into the Ripper rotors by the separately driven, slow-rotating High Capacity Units, where it is shredded to a manageable size.



XRipper Shredder Brochure – Vogelsang