Manure Handling

Turnkey Liquid Manure Handling Systems
Skinner AgSolutions provides a full range of manure handling equipment. We have partnered with the leading manufacturers of pumps, mixers, macerators, shredders, valves and other accessories to meet your specialized needs.


We offer a full range of submersible chopper pumps, rotary lobe pumps, progressive cavity pumps, and N-impeller pumps for any manure handling applications. Choose from our Flygt and Vogelsang lineup of pumping solutions.

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Reliable, high-performance submersible mixers are a key component in your manure storage and handling system. Efficient mixing maintains homogeneity of the substrate, helping distribute bacteria and heat, and preparing for easier pumping.

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Skinner AgSolutions offers a full line of macerators from Vogelsang and Haigh that ensure a homogeneous and easily metered liquid manure suspension.

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Twin-shaft shredders by Vogelsang reliably reduce fibrous material and entangled materials in liquid manure, thereby protecting downstream equipment from clogging and malfunctions.

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Combo Systems

Skinner AgSolutions offers several systems from Vogelsang that turn solid and heavily viscous matter into a pumpable media. These Combo Systems are the perfect fit when shredding and pumping of agricultural waste media is required, preferably in one step.

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Skinner AgSolutions, through its division SA Valves, offers a complete line of uni-directional and bi-directional knife gate valves. In addition, we provide a wide range of ball and butterfly valves from selected industry leaders. We can custom-engineer your dairy and hog manure handling system by selecting the right valves for your individual needs.

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Skinner AgSolutions will utilize the services of partners like H3 Pump & Controls to custom-design the control panel required to give you the control and flexibility you need to accomplish your desired flows and pressures.

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We offer turnkey solutions for liquid manure handling; including liquid level controls, manways, mixer and pump lifts and debris removal systems.

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