Powerful and Efficient Macerating Performance

Skinner AgSolutions offers a full line of macerators from Vogelsang and Haigh that ensure a homogeneous and easily metered liquid manure suspension. They shred all the coarse and fibrous matter in the liquid manure and provide effective protection for the pumping system. The more flowable and homogeneous the liquid manure and digestates are, the more effectively they can be pumped or used as organic fertilizers.

RotaCut Macerator

The RotaCut Macerator combines two functions in a single machine. It reliably macerates fibers and foreign matter, thus protecting downstream system components from damage caused by heavy matter. While the medium continually flows through the RotaCut, heavy material is separated and removed later through a cleaning port. All floating and suspended substances within the medium are transported to the cutting screen and macerated by rotating, self-sharpening cutting blades, as the medium is homogenized at the same time.

RotaCut Installation on Truck.

DisRuptor Macerator

The DisRuptor Macerator consists of a rotor with six blades, as well as an outer DisRuptor ring. At high rotor speeds, the solid matter in the suspension is milled and frayed in the narrow gap between the rotor unit and the external ring. Since the gap can be adjusted to fit the substrate conditions, the DisRuptor offers particularly flexible and efficient mechanical performance.

DisRuptor Biogas Installation.

Haigh Pipeliner

The Haigh Pipeliner design consists of a single shaft rotating a headstock that contains tungsten carbide-tipped cutting edges, running against a hardened tool steel shear plate. The shear plate contains holes that allow fluid to pass through. As debris passes through the holes, the rotating cutting edge of the headstock severs them into small enough pieces to eventually pass through. As a result, the Haigh Pipeliner provides a reliable system for disintegration, maceration and conditioning of solids in the substrate flow.

Haigh Pipeliner Biogas Installation

Haigh Pipeliner Manure Handling Installation