Combo Systems

Combined Pumping, Cutting & Mixing Technology

Vogelsang has designed combination systems to maximize the efficiency of manure handling and biogas applications. Skinner AgSolutions will select the right Combo System for your needs from this lineup of pumping, cutting and mixing technologies.


BioCut System

The BioCut is an efficient pumping system for reliable and cost-effective pumping of heterogeneous media containing heavy material and disruptive matter. It consists of a self-priming VX Series Rotary Lobe Pump, combined with a special type of construction of the RotaCut Macerator. The rotary lobe pump draws the medium through the RotaCut, which then separates out foreign matter due to their size or weight. This way, the BioCut System turns a heterogeneous fluid into a pumpable, homogeneous suspension. This suspension then reaches the rotary lobe pump on as short a route as possible.

BioCut System Installation 


BioCut and CC- Cut Technical Data Sheet – Vogelsang


PreMix System

The PreMix System combines four steps within a compact, space-saving unit. The universal feeder system is a combination of the CC Series Progressive Cavity Pump with the RotaCut RCX cutter. Optionally, the solid matter feeder can be equipped with the Debris Removal System (DRS) and Debris Lift Unit (DLU). The biomass is introduced into the side of the system through a feed screw, while the liquid manure is added. In a single step, the PreMix turns this into a homogeneous organic suspension and pumps it into the digester.

PreMix System Illustration



Solid Matter Feeding for Biogas Brochure – Vogelsang

CC-Mix System

The CC-Mix System includes a CC Series Progressive Cavity Pump, supplemented by a generously dimensioned mixing chamber. The biomass is transported by a feed screw from the side or from above into the mixing chamber. At the same time, the liquid manure suspension is added at the start of the mixing chamber. The rotary grinder on the mixing shaft catches the biomass, and transports it into the liquid suspension. The ripping teeth and paddles on the mixing shaft intensively mix up everything to a homogeneous organic suspension, which is then pumped into the digester.

CC-Mix System Illustration



CC-Mix Technical Data Sheet – Vogelsang

Red Unit System

The RedUnit System is the grinding and pumping combination from Vogelsang. Each RedUnit System is customized to the customer’s needs and specific applications. The RedUnit System includes the capabilities of the XRipper XRL Shredder, the RotaCut Macerator, a CC Series Progressive Cavity Pump and/or a VX Series Rotary Lobe Pump. Even though the RedUnit System offers multiple grinding stages and pumping options, it can be easily integrated into your facility due to its compact and rugged design.



RedUnit System Brochure – Vogelsang